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3D Animation : The Sutra of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbhas

The Superkids - 108 Adages of Wisdom (English version)

An Introduction of Scientific Research in Reincarnation

Presented by: Dr. Maosen ZHONG
(University of Texas-Brownsvill, USA)
The Pureland Learning College, Toowoomba Queensland Australia
Date: 6 July 2002

Messages from the New Discoveries in Space Physics

Presented by: Dr. Maosen ZHONG
Pureland Learning College Association
Date: 24 April 2003



Liao-Fan's Four Lessons - Changing Destiny (2 discs)
(Originated from a Chinese book called

Download the English version of the book : Liao-Fan's Four Lessions - Changing Destiny  (PDF format)

Keep a kind heart
Say kind wordsDo kind deedsBe a kind person





Liao-Fan's Four Lessons - Changing Destiny   (MP3 is now available)


144 MB (Zip format)

Introduction on the Painting of Scenes of the Hells

Painter: Mr. JIANG Yi Zi                       
Narrator: Mr. Stephen TANG



Why Did It Happen?

Based on the work of Venerable Master Chin Kung 淨空法師

By Venerable Wu Ling



Buddhism: The Wisdom of Compassion and Awakening
Given by Venerable Master Chin Kung
Read by Venerable Wu Ling                 
(Originated from the book in Chinese called


9 Vol.

Letting Go  by Ven. Wu Ling on 19.3.2000 at The Amitabha Buddhist Association of Queensland, Australia



Understanding Buddhism     (MP3 is now available)


56 MB


28 MB

World Free of Conflict    (MP3 is now available)


58 MB

Let us not be Blinded by 'An Eye for an Eye'   by Ven. Wu Ling



Destiny can be Changed  by Ven. Wu Ling   (MP3 is now available)


55 MB

Wisdom of the Buddhas  by Ven. Wu Ling   (MP3 is now available)


58 MB

Overcoming Greed and Anger  by Ven. Wu Ling



Peace on Earth, Equality for All - a dedicated website of Master Chin Kung  (Strongly recommended)

Buddhism as an Education - by Master Chin Kung


Love in All Things,

Goodwill Among Men


Christ teaches that love is forbearance and compassion.  When love is present, jealousy, boastfulness, pride, rashness, selfishness and rage are absent.  Where love establishes itself, vindictiveness makes an exit.  That which is unjust is replaced by what is righteous.


Love puts up with everything, has hopes for everything and accommodates everything.  It is eternal.


The Buddha teaches that greed, hatred and ignorance are the three great blemishes of the mind; that killing, theft and sexual misconduct are the three flaws of the body; and that lying, slander, harsh speech and idle talk are the four great faults of the mouth.


Chin Kung


Dedication of Merit


May the merit and virtues

accrued from this work

Adorn the Buddha's Pure Land,

Repaying the four kinds of kindness above,

and relieving the sufferings of those

in the Three Paths below.


May those who see and hear of this,

All brings forth the heart of Understanding,

And live the Teachings for the rest of this life,

Then be born together in The Land of Ultimate Bliss




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